A Front Yard Ornament?

A ‘69 Chevelle as a Front Yard Ornament? By Robert Killingsworth #13052681 • Springfield, MO Photography by Jim Knight I found and purchased my ’69 Chevelle in July, 1985. It had been sitting in someone’s front yard for some time. My wife and I would see it on our way to church each Sunday morning. […]

History Of The Chevrolet Chevelle

By Steve Alexander Many muscle car enthusiasts and experts alike hail the Pontiac GTO as the first real muscle car. Even a group of boys that would hang out at the beach sang a hit song about that car. With only a few exceptions however, none have been held in as high regard as the […]

1972 Chevelle SS

Who says you can’t love inanimate objects? This ’72 Chevelle SS disclaims that theory. by Brad Hoke Photography by Colin Date This was supposed to be a car story. But once into it, it occurred to me it was actually more of a love story. Its original owner doted on it from day one, and […]

1970 Chevelle SS 454

Mark Laymon’s ’70 Chevelle is his own personal time capsule. By Mark Laymon, Marion, IN  photography by Colin Date In 1969 I was a senior in high school, dating my girlfriend and driving a brand new Camaro Z/28. It was a great, magical time riding with my girl and cruising “Custer’s Last Stand”. Custer’s was […]

1969 Chevelle SS 396

Dennis Patterson’s gorgeous ’69 Chevelle is an ongoing labor of love. By Dennis Patterson, Knoxville, TN Photography by Colin Date What is it about these cars that creates such an obsession for each of us? Is it their stylish beauty, high horsepower engines, or just the nostalgic memories from our youthful experiences? You can certainly […]

1967 Chevelle SS 396

Ron Coggin’s ’67 Chevelle SS 396 set aside his Model A Ford world Owned by Ron Coggin, Jacksonville, FL Story By Ellen Coggin, Photography by Colin Date After Ron Coggin served in the USMC and did a tour in Viet Nam, his dad promised to match his savings. That’s how it all started. After discharge […]

1966 Chevelle SS 396

A showroom stock, ready to rock ’66 Chevelle gets put back better than new! Photography by Colin Date 1966 was a year of big changes in automotive styling, and Chevrolet’s iconic Chevelle brand was certainly no exception. FoMoCo had axed the boxy Fairlane look for good, finally putting that car on a sleek new platform. […]

1965 Chevelle Malibu SS Z16

How Twin ’65 Z16 Chevelles Were Reunited Story and photography by Steve Temple While someone might feel justifiably proud to own one ultra-rare, vintage muscle car, how would you feel if you owned a pair of them? Twice as proud? Actually, John Daniels has even stronger personal feelings about his two ’65 Z16s, but before […]

1964 Chevelle Malibu SS

This stunning ’64 Malibu SS– “Midnight” has been loved since new. Owned by Christopher Short, Port St. John, FL Story by Brad Hoke, Photography by Colin Date “I don’t know how you folks keep finding them like this!” That’s an exact quote from a well-meaning non-car person trying to compliment us on one of our […]